A Very Happy Bunny

Just received an email from Innes of Peatbog Faeries fame who recently took delivery of one of the new SKB 3i guitar cases.
‘The case arrived today and your right I’m not disappointed. Its just what I’ve been looking for and the G&L fits great. A very happy bunny, thanks’.

Having seen the guys many times at Cambridge Folk Festival over the last 15 years wearing my other hat as ‘crew boss’ for the power and lighting team on the site,  I can assure you along with 10,000 others at the gig that they are a great live band and they have just been announced as a nominee for “Best Live Act” at the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards 2012, having already twice won “Live Act of the Year” at the Scottish Traditional Music Awards.

For more information, photo’s and music samples including The Peatbog Faeries latest album ‘Dust‘ check out there website here.

They’ve taken their own individual brand of Scottish tunes to audiences around the world, from European Festivals, to Asia, Africa, America, Canada and Australia so Innes’s new SKB waterproof guitar case will be fully tested over the coming years.

Take care guys and hopefully catch up again at Cambridge next year.

Justin Case

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Peli Cases Price Lists

With 30 years experience in the case industry 3D Flight Cases try hard to offer a great service and the best prices around, regularly checking competitors prices. If you you do find a lower advertised price please let us know and we will reward you by improving on it.

The Peli Case is produced by Pelican Case in the USA. Whilst the known as Peli Cases in Europe the product remains the same, offering the best quality case and value of it’s type in the plastic waterproof case market.

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Flight Case – Instrument

Instrument Flight Cases

3D Flight Cases have had the privilege of producing flight cases to protect some of the most recognised iconic musical instruments from around the world and an enviable and ongoing relationship with many of the greatest musicians.

Each week we produce flight cases for the more popular items such as:

Guitar Flight Case

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Over the years it has been a honour to be trusted to designed cases from piano cases to flute cases for some of the worlds greatest artist and tours and are pleased they return to for each tour – nothing is too big or too small for a quality protective flight case from 3D Cases.

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Peli ISP2 Case

Peli Hardig ISP2 Cases

Shifting loose cargo can slow down your operations and threaten the mission with damaged freight so after acquiring Hardigg Industries, Peli Cases released the ISP2 (Inter-Stacking Pattern) series of shipping containers.

 The new ISP2  containers from Peli virtually eliminate load movement with a unique Inter-Stacking Pattern (ISP). Designed to stay secure in transit, ISP2 Cases are engineered with 10x10cm squared pattern matching the lids with the base. The integrated Peli ISP2 containers squared design works in tandem to lock the cases together in a stack, permits an easy cross-stacking among all models and enhances their rotationally moulded polymer construction’s load bearing properties.

Hardigg Peli ISP2 Container

Standard features of the Hardigg ISP2 containers include an o-ring seal (to ensure that the case stays secure and watertight), reinforced corners and edges (15-20% thicker corners and edges for added protection), patented moulded-in metal inserts with recessed hardware and comfort grip high-impact polymer handles (for easy team lifting). The Peli Hardigg ISP2 case material is a proprietary polyethylene formula that achieves the optimum balance of light weight, panel rigidity and durability.

These flight cases are optimised for most known pallet sizes including the Standard Euro Pallet, the NATO Pallet and 463L Master Pallet, the Peli Hardigg ISP2 containers are available in 64 different case sizes, from 0,018 to 0,576 cubic metres of storage, that can be combined to maximize the total volume of available space in each pallet.

This Peli IPS2 case system allows taller loads that won’t shift or become loose from turbulent air, high seas or dilapidated road conditions.

Justin Case
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Storm Cases

Peli Storm Cases

Storm Cases are lightweight, watertight, virtually unbreakable and guaranteed for life, nothing is better at safeguarding your gear against shock, impact, vibration, water, and dust. Inside, multi-layered foam holds your equipment securely in place, while Hardigg’s unique Press & Pull latches keep the case closed even under severe impact – yet open with the press of a button for quick access.

Each Peli Storm Case model also has a permanently attached Vortex® valve, which automatically adjusts air pressure without letting in water or dust. If your gear requires a completely airtight case, a manual pressure relief valve can be attached in place of the Vortex®, ensuring that absolutely nothing gets inside the case until it’s opened.

We also offer a line of Personal Weapons Cases designed exclusively to protect personal firearms. These weapon-specific gun cases provide maximum protection in a lightweight, space-efficient container. Some are designed for multiple weapons, and all include separate compartments for spare magazines, optics, or other accessories. In addition, all Personal Weapons Cases are NTOA Member Tested and Recommended – earning ratings of 4.8 or higher.

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