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3D Flight Cases take delivery of their new aluminium extrusions during this December, designed to make flight case construction stronger and lighter. Made from a high grade aluminium billet, once extruded each section is baked in an oven for 24 hours to increase the hardness up to an aircraft grade quality. This extra treatment ensures that during its life on the road it will not dent, snag or burr like conventional aluminium used in flight case manufacturing.

In total, 3D Flight Cases will take delivery of ten new flight case extrusions including sections for 7mm flight cases, 10mm flight cases and 13mm flight cases. Each includes the flight case edging ‘double leg ’ angle, which is designed to allow fixing rivets to pull through the outside aluminium, the case panel material and finally through an inside aluminium ensuring a secure fixing unlike a single leg angle. This extrusion also incorporates a large radius which not only makes it more comfortable to handle the case but also helps reducing burrs during use. Along with each section there is also a new male and female to allow secure lid closure. Finally there is a ‘Lid Maker’ extrusion designed to mate with the 7mm for producing even lighter and smaller cases where needed.

Continuing 3D’s investment in professional flight case design new corner braces and steel corners have been produced to suit the large radius of the aluminium angle.

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1510LOC Peli case

Peli 1510LOC Case

The Peli 1510 LOC (Laptop Overnight Case), is a refinement of the popular Peli 1510 design, ideal for the business traveler with a fully enclosed apparel compartment in the main body, a padded laptop sleeve and accessory pouch in the lid and is within the FAA maximum ‘carry on’ hand baggage size.

Inside the Peli 1510LOC has a detachable padded laptop sleeve and accessories pouch which will fit notebook computers up to 14.4″ x 11.1″ x 1.7″ in size and will keep your notebook computer segregated from the rest of your carry-on luggage, so you do not need to reveal the contents of your 1510LOC to access your computer when in public. The accessory pouch holds items like your laptop power cables and other smaller items, keeping them segregated and organized.

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