Happy Birthday Pish !

Mr Pish

What can i say Sir.

Here you are at 60 collecting your bus pass and i’m fucking glad i’m not that old, yet!

Pish – a liittle worse for wear in a middle east watering hole

You and I have, with the help of some incredible colleagues and friends have had some of the best times of our lives here and overseas – shit gigs, good gigs, high profile global live TV gigs to pub gigs and gigs for our mates in their farm house front room, and if anyone can fuck it up and bring it to a holt you can, and in style! But we have ‘got away’ with them all – well there was this time when the BBC put up ‘Due to technical problems…. ‘ enough said.

My camera was a little worse for wear here as well

Pish,  Happy Birthday mate,  I will be back in Peterborough on Friday for a few days -  fancy a drink?