d&b T10 Flight Cases

d&b Audiotechnik T10 Flight Case

These T10 flight cases are fully lined with 25mm polyester foam and are fitted with eight large handles for easy handling along with a hinged lid. Flight cases are also available for the d&b T-Subwoofer which can also be flight cased in multiple configurations.

d&b Audiotechnik T10 Flight Case

The d&b T10 speaker cabs which can be used both as a line array and as a high directivity point source loudspeaker make them ideal for smaller events.

With that in mind, these flight cases are designed to be compact so instead of trailer loads of equipment they can be transported in vans and small trucks.

As with all 3D cases the d&b T10 Series flight cases are available in a choice of finishes and colours.

If you prefer to have your d&b audiotechnik speaker cases built to your own design, then no problem, just give us a call.

We confidently offer a 10 year guarantee on all our flight cases as with over 30 years of designing flight cases we know how frustrating a damaged flight case can be on a tour. We do not build ‘Bedroom’ flight cases or import ‘Look-a-Like’ cases from China, our cases are designed to be used on a daily basis on world wide tours. Unlike other companies we not only guarantee all our case hardware fittings but also the case construction against wear and tear – that is, after all why you buy flight cases. Our guarantee does not include abuse by children under the age of four or bad fork lift driving but does include Heathrow baggage handlers!

19″ Rack Case and Sleeve

Another flight case for the boys at Radiohead

This flight case with an inner 19″ 16U rack sleeve have been popular for many years as they can be custom built to any height and depth.

19″ Rack Sleeve And Case

As with all inner rack sleeves this 19″ sleeve can be fitted with recessed handles or hand holes along with the option of a sloping front for easier viewing if the rack is going to be sited low. The standard 19″ rack strip is fitted to the front of the rack with optional rear racking, allowing support shelves to be used, is  available if required.

The outer flight case was constructed using 10mm Vameldeck diamond board is designed with a shallow base and a larger lift off lid with the whole case being fully lined with 25mm polyester foam as is usual for this type of set-up.

With the 3D Flight Cases flight case construction using their unique ‘double angle’ along withthe four recessed handles requested and four heavy duty castors, two of which are of the locking type, each rated at 250kgs

Check out many 19″ Rack Cases at the 3D Flight Case website

Pianola Flight Case

Flight Case For Pianola

Flight cases for keyboards come in all shapes and sizes due to the vast array of keyboards available from 9ft grand pianos to small portable electric pianos. Over the years 3D Cases have have designed and supplied flight cases for just about every major keyboard manufactures from small Moog synthesizers up to Steinway concert grand pianos and even a full blown pipe organ keyboard and pipes.

Then just when you think you have made every type of flight case for keyboards the phone rings a call from the one and only Rex Lawson, pianolist extraordinary who requires a flight for a concert in San Francisco.

Rex Lawson’s name is the world’s foremost exponent of the pianola and has given concerts in Europe and North America, in fact in no less than fifteen countries around the globe in the last thirty years, from Carnegie Hall to the Last Night of the Proms, with conductors from Pierre Boulez to Sir Andrew Davis. Rex has also broadcast on hundreds of occasions around the world and is well represented on both LP and CD.

Flight Case For Pianola

To measure the pianola for the flight case Rex had invited me in to his studio & workshop, which was an amazing Aladdin’s cave with a pianolas, a grand piano and even an large organ, many in state of being lovingly restored. This is not to mention his library walls of over ten thousand music rolls along with a beast of an antique machine with which to punch the encoded paper scrolls, one hole for each note, which by some magical wizardry had been adapted to allow a modern day computer to control it.

Someone once said ‘An evening with Rex Lawson, king of the British pianola, is always interesting, often fascinating, and never less than fun.’ – And I can confirm, day times are no different!

Rex loved  his flight case and dropped 3D Cases a mail saying ‘You have certainly done a brilliant job, the flight case is wonderful, and it is now in San Francisco and the combination of the professional flight case and my beard will make me look like an aging pop star! Eat your heart out, ZZ Top!

Portable Server Racks

These portable server racks are designed to carry over a quarter of a tonne of the computer server including switches and ancillary equipment. Each flight case rack has a custom designed internal frame constructed using 25mm steel tubing with racking strips front and back and a third rail to support the IBM sliding shelf system.

Portable Server Rack

The outer server rack case is designed with front and rear removable lids allowing full access to the servers for servicing or patching. In addition are six locking castors and eight large recessed handles fitted to the flight cases making these truly portable server racks.

The 1000mm deep internal frame is mounted on twelve anti-vibration mounts within the flight case ensuring the 300kgs of 19″ servers  travel isolated from the outside world of vibrations and shocks.

3D Flight Cases offer a full range of standard and bespoke potable 19″  server racks for any make of computers, servers, telecoms switching or other IT equipment.

Flight Case For Single Marshall Head

Jim Marshall, who sadly died earlier this year was the force behind Marshall amplifiers which is one of the most popular flight cases we produced. Bands like AC/DC, Iron Maiden, Status Quo and many other ‘Rock’ bands who had lines of Marshall equipment behind them on stage have been customers for many years and between them have had flight cases for just about every model in the Marshall amplifier range.

Bands have also had many designs for their amp head flight cases, from single head cases to flight cases to hold six or more with the multiple head flight cases all being fitted with wheels.
Our flight cases are designed for professional use, protecting your equipment whilst touring the planet year after year and ensuring it continues to work gig after gig.