19″ Server Rack

19″ Rack Case and Sleeve

Another flight case for the boys at Radiohead

This flight case with an inner 19″ 16U rack sleeve have been popular for many years as they can be custom built to any height and depth.

19″ Rack Sleeve And Case

As with all inner rack sleeves this 19″ sleeve can be fitted with recessed handles or hand holes along with the option of a sloping front for easier viewing if the rack is going to be sited low. The standard 19″ rack strip is fitted to the front of the rack with optional rear racking, allowing support shelves to be used, is  available if required.

The outer flight case was constructed using 10mm Vameldeck diamond board is designed with a shallow base and a larger lift off lid with the whole case being fully lined with 25mm polyester foam as is usual for this type of set-up.

With the 3D Flight Cases flight case construction using their unique ‘double angle’ along withthe four recessed handles requested and four heavy duty castors, two of which are of the locking type, each rated at 250kgs

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Portable Server Racks

These portable server racks are designed to carry over a quarter of a tonne of the computer server including switches and ancillary equipment. Each flight case rack has a custom designed internal frame constructed using 25mm steel tubing with racking strips front and back and a third rail to support the IBM sliding shelf system.

Portable Server Rack

The outer server rack case is designed with front and rear removable lids allowing full access to the servers for servicing or patching. In addition are six locking castors and eight large recessed handles fitted to the flight cases making these truly portable server racks.

The 1000mm deep internal frame is mounted on twelve anti-vibration mounts within the flight case ensuring the 300kgs of 19″ servers  travel isolated from the outside world of vibrations and shocks.

3D Flight Cases offer a full range of standard and bespoke potable 19″  server racks for any make of computers, servers, telecoms switching or other IT equipment.

Flight Case Rack – Anti-Vibration Mount

Shock Mounted 19″ Rack Cases

3D flight case racks are the most versatile of our range of 19″ anti-vibration mounted racks as they can be built exactly to your requirements at no extra charge with no predetermined width, height or depth or ordered from our standard range. Our flight case rack range is available from 2 unit upwards and in standard depths of 450mm, 500mm, 550mm, 600mm, 650mm, 700mm, 800mm, 900mm and 1000mm. Styles include single or multi-bay and standard fixing or shock mounted racks. Single, double or triple lids are the most common deigns but other possibilities include removable panels and hinged panels.

The frame style and anti vibration mounts vary depending on the the fragility of the items, normally expressed in “G” units.

19″ Anti Vibration Frame Mount The larger the G force needed to cause item breakage, the less protection necessary from shock and transit vibration is required.

This sub assembly is then inserted into the case with the added bonus of allowing improved ventilation around the 19″ equipment itself.

Castors are usually added either to base of each case or on taller racks the caster can be mounted on the rear to aid stability when being transported around.

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19″ Installation Rack Cabinets

New Low Prices on 19″ Installation Server Racks

3D Flight Cases offer the latest range of 19″ installation rack cabinets which are ideal for all rack mounted audio visual, sound and lighting installs.  These install rack cabinets are available in three styles, two wall mounted/free standing installation rack cabinets and one floor standing install rack.

Extremely strong powder coated 19″ electronic cabinets made from 2mm thick steel, have a welded construction and a toughened glass door as standard. Heights range from 6U to 42 units and cabinet depths include 250mm, 450mm, 600mm and 1000mm.

Whether it’s use is for a audio, AV, lighting or server rack and data communication there is easy access (via removable side panels with spring latches) for cabling and maintenance along with natural and forced ventilation panels. The 19″ install cabinet has front and back adjustable inner rack rails for variable depth.


The Penn Elcom DW 66 installation rack enclosures are designed to be wall mounted and allow access to both front and back due to the hinged rear and come boxed boxed and ready for immediate use. Side access is also provided to the rack cabinet via removable side panels with spring latches.


The Penn Elcom EMS-66 & EMS-610 are free standing installation cabinets that are flat packed and offer easy and quick assembly. Made from 2.00mm steel, this installation rack includes rear door, class front door, removable side panels, front and rear rack rail, feet and castors.

These extremely strong powder coated EMS rack cabinets are available in 22 unit, 32 unit, 42 unit, are available with 600mm and 1000mm depths and have a static load capacity of 500kg. These installation represent excellent value for money and are ideal for permanent installation of data control, audio visual, light and sound equipment

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