Military Cases

Military Containers

3D Flight Cases offer a huge range of military approved cases and ruggedized shipping containers from Peli Hardigg including the ISP2 (Inter-Stacking Pattern) containers and case which are designed so they locate together when stacked and are available in 64 different case sizes, from 0,018 to 0,576 cubic metres of storage.

The Hardigg Mobile Master series in 4 distinct sizes. NATO designed to perfectly fit on the Air Force 463L military pallets, 20 and 40 foot sea containers, and on commercial or military aircraft and vehicles. They are available in configurations of 8, 24, 36 or 72 cases per pallet and are ideal for use by the military, emergency services, search and rescue and relief missions.

Hardigg Cases also include portable medical equipment cases and small arms cases including single and multiple cases for all popular machine guns, sniper rifle cases and grenade launcher cases as used by both military, police armed response units and security protection personnel.