Flight Case Road Trunk

Flight Case Trunk

The most popular and versatile flight case in the world, the standard flight case road trunk. The 3D Flight Cases version of their MUT (Multi Use Trunk) is built to a standard truck pack with a size that offers 4 across stacking in a standard articulated trailer and available as standard in lengths of 1200mm, 900mm and 600mm with other sizes to order.

Flight Case

The standard MUT flight case can be constructed with either 7mm, 10mm or 13mm case panels, comes as standard with hinged lid, 4 heavy duty castors and 4 heavy duty recessed snap back handle.

In addition, if air freight is going to be the standard method of transport a honeycomb panel can be used. This is constructed using an aluminum honeycomb with a glass fibre woven mat heat and pressure laminated to each side. This produces a lightweight and incredibly strong rigid panel as used in aircraft flooring, motorsport and in the new generation of train and coach production,  resulting in a weight saving of 40% in the overall flight case weight.

Internally MUT flight case can be foam lined, carpeted or painted. In addition this flight case can be supplied with fixed or movable partitions, again foamed, carpeted or painted.

Optional extra’s include additional handles, stacking dishes, label dishes, extra wheels, internal trays etc etc.

The MUT Case, the most popular flight case in the world

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Peli 0340 Case

Peli Case 0340

This 0340 Peli case provides the safest transportable environment for sensitive, expensive or vital equipment. Like all Peli weatherproof cases the Peli 0340 case is more than just a tough, lightweight and watertight case.

The Peli 0340 Case is the European trading name for the Pelican 0340 Case. The Peli 0340 Protector Case, like all Peli cases is watertight, airtight, dustproof, crushproof, chemical resistant, corrosion proof, in fact almost unbreakable and available at our unbeatable low price!

The Peli 0340 Case has a built in sprung loaded ‘tow handle’ and castors making this protective case truly mobile, and the large, comfortable handles on each side allowing for two people to lift the case.

Because the Peli 0340 Cube case is extra deep, you can layer divider sets or foam in the base and still have plenty of room in the lid, which can be fitted with the optional Peli Lid Organiser for all those little extra bits. The Peli 0340 is the perfect military accepted transport case to offer full protection to your equipment. The Peli 0340 is a waterproof case to IP67 standard (1 meter submersion for 30 minutes) and will float with a maximum load of 100 kg

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Hardigg BlackBox Racks – Oil and Gas Industry

Waterproof 19″ Rack Cases

If you are looking at overcoming challenges of using electronic equipment on offshore platforms or during oil and gas exploration in harsh and hostile environments  then you can follow the example of one of 3D Flight Cases customers. Hermes Datacomms offers services in over 54 countries, representing 92% of the world’s oil & gas reserves and have gained extensive knowledge and experience in developing communication solutions for the oil and gas industry. Their choice of protection was thirteen Hardigg Blackbox  Racks for their latest project.

The cost effective Blackbox 19″ rack reduces costs by using recycled materials in the shell, a steel frame and less facilities for optional extras to be fitted than Hardiggs other 19″ rack ranges. The Hardigg BlackBox, unlike the competition at this price point is fully airtight and watertight, and boasts significantly better light duty shock performance, upholding Hardigg’s industry leading standards. This range of  waterproof 19″ racks are avaible in 3U, 4U, 5U, 7U, 9U, 11U and 14 units in height.

All Hardigg Blackbox racks have wheels built into the rear lids to make them a truly portable rack case.The Hardigg BlackBox is only available in, you guessed it, black.  The BlackBox rack is ideal for light to medium duty field-deployed and sheltered applications up to 45kg. The Hardigg BlackBox is designed to meet ANSI/EIA 310-C for universal rack mounting and exceeds Air Transport Association’s Specification 300, Category 1 requirements.

When you need to be cost-conscious but can’t sacrifice performance, the Pelican-Hardigg BlackBox is the answer.

Other models in the Hardigg Rack range include the Hardigg Classic Rack, Hardigg SuperMac and the Hardigg MAC rack

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Flight Case Rack – Anti-Vibration Mount

Shock Mounted 19″ Rack Cases

3D flight case racks are the most versatile of our range of 19″ anti-vibration mounted racks as they can be built exactly to your requirements at no extra charge with no predetermined width, height or depth or ordered from our standard range. Our flight case rack range is available from 2 unit upwards and in standard depths of 450mm, 500mm, 550mm, 600mm, 650mm, 700mm, 800mm, 900mm and 1000mm. Styles include single or multi-bay and standard fixing or shock mounted racks. Single, double or triple lids are the most common deigns but other possibilities include removable panels and hinged panels.

The frame style and anti vibration mounts vary depending on the the fragility of the items, normally expressed in “G” units.

19″ Anti Vibration Frame Mount The larger the G force needed to cause item breakage, the less protection necessary from shock and transit vibration is required.

This sub assembly is then inserted into the case with the added bonus of allowing improved ventilation around the 19″ equipment itself.

Castors are usually added either to base of each case or on taller racks the caster can be mounted on the rear to aid stability when being transported around.

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Flight Case – Waterproof Guitar Case

Waterproof Guitar Flight Case

SKB is revolutionizing the industry again with the first INJECTION moulded guitar case! The watertight 3i-series accommodates various style guitars and basses and is the latest size in SKB’s 3i series of waterproof and virtually unbreakable cases. In fact, so waterproof and airtight that they will float with your guitar inside.

True portability is also inbuilt into these watertight guitar cases as they also incorporate wheels built into one end allowing it to be pulled along behind you, making it a truly portable guitar case along with the plush interior providing total neck support and protection on all sides.  

These flight cases are resistant to UV, solvents, corrosion, fungus and impact damage, surpassing military standard MIL-STD-810F and featuring a continuous moulded-in hinge with stainless steel pin and patent pending “trigger release” latch system.

Each instrument case incorporates an waterproof automatic ambient pressure equalization valve that self-regulates for different altitudes meeting military standards MIL-STD-648C and IP67, allowing the guitar case to be safely taken on an aircraft.

All the instrument cases in this series feature a gasketed, water and dust-tight submersible design, meeting military standard MIL-C-4150J.

All SKB 3i Series equipment cases are backed by SKB’s unconditional lifetime guarantee – you break it, we replace it, free, for ever !!

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Peli Storm iM2050

Storm iM2050

This Peli Storm iM2050 Case provides the safest transportable environment for sensitive, expensive or vital equipment. Like all Peli Storm waterproof cases the Storm iM2050 is more than just a tough, lightweight and watertight case.

The Storm iM2050 features the unique Hardigg durable Press & Pull latches, which open smoothly – yet hold fast when the going gets rough. Each Peli iM 2050 is fitted with a Vortex pressure release valve which automatically adjusts air pressure without letting in water or dust.

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19″ Installation Rack Cabinets

New Low Prices on 19″ Installation Server Racks

3D Flight Cases offer the latest range of 19″ installation rack cabinets which are ideal for all rack mounted audio visual, sound and lighting installs.  These install rack cabinets are available in three styles, two wall mounted/free standing installation rack cabinets and one floor standing install rack.

Extremely strong powder coated 19″ electronic cabinets made from 2mm thick steel, have a welded construction and a toughened glass door as standard. Heights range from 6U to 42 units and cabinet depths include 250mm, 450mm, 600mm and 1000mm.

Whether it’s use is for a audio, AV, lighting or server rack and data communication there is easy access (via removable side panels with spring latches) for cabling and maintenance along with natural and forced ventilation panels. The 19″ install cabinet has front and back adjustable inner rack rails for variable depth.


The Penn Elcom DW 66 installation rack enclosures are designed to be wall mounted and allow access to both front and back due to the hinged rear and come boxed boxed and ready for immediate use. Side access is also provided to the rack cabinet via removable side panels with spring latches.


The Penn Elcom EMS-66 & EMS-610 are free standing installation cabinets that are flat packed and offer easy and quick assembly. Made from 2.00mm steel, this installation rack includes rear door, class front door, removable side panels, front and rear rack rail, feet and castors.

These extremely strong powder coated EMS rack cabinets are available in 22 unit, 32 unit, 42 unit, are available with 600mm and 1000mm depths and have a static load capacity of 500kg. These installation represent excellent value for money and are ideal for permanent installation of data control, audio visual, light and sound equipment

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